Triple Cross (by Tom Bradby)

Triple Cross is the thrilling finale to Tom Bradby’s Secret Service trilogy. There is a mole at senior level in the UK spy service. The PM is facing a no confidence vote, and Kate undertakes a dangerous mission in Moscow to save his skin!

Black Buck (by Mateo Askaripour)

This is a stunning debut novel from Mateo Askaripour. He has an original voice and style full of racial angst. Not only are the racial observations very pertinent but his own journey is challenging. The final outcome is unexpected. The whole story is well written with many wry observations and witty episodes: a book for modern times.

The Perfect Life (by Valerie Keogh)

As you approach the end of a good book, you almost do not want it to end. You have a good feeling and are captivated by the story. In the same vein starting a new read can be disappointing as it does not live up to expectations of the previous novel. So after reading Wisdom…

Wisdom Spring (by Andrew Cunningham)

As a thriller this story grips from start finish. It is a pacy novel and the tension is relentless from the beginning. Jess has been working as a researcher for a potential US presidential candidate. Her research reveals a terrible secret about the candidate, and big business is going to eliminate her

Disaster Inc (by Caimh McDonnell)

His Irish detective, Bunny has relocated to New York. For background on Bunny you need to read the Dublin Trilogy. Bunny is supposedly dead and needs to keep a low profile. Of course, keeping a low profile is anathema to Bunny. From the off he gets mixed up with a student, Amy who sidelines as a S&M performer.

The Shadow Box (by Luanne Rice)

Oh dear families! The strife seems to be exaggerated in rich families abetted by the quest for power. This novel set in Connecticut is full of twists and turns and the tension increases as the story develop. Will Claire survive the chase or will the investigator come to the rescue in time?

You Let Me In (by Lucy Clarke)

A stylish gripping read with the inevitable twist at the end which I did not see coming. Clever plot, revealing flashbacks and suspect friends and neighbours. Just who is looking for revenge?

The Other YOU (by J.S. Monroe)

Doppelgangers is the theme running through this story. If you think the idea is far-fetched then do not read this. It is an intriguing book with plenty of thrills and spills. Kate has a special skill called super-recogniser. She has the ability to pick out criminal faces from crowds. After a serious car accident, she has left the force, and moved in with Rob who she met at the hospital. Does he have a mental doppelganger?

Behind Closed Doors (by B A Paris)

Great start to the New Year: discovering a new author – in this case, B A Paris – and available free on Prime Reading too. For those new to B A Parris, she is the internationally bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors, The Breakdown, Bring Me Back and The Dilemma. Sidebar: more about free books…

Find Them Dead (by Peter James)

Peter James is a prolific author and the latest story in the DS Roy Grace series based in Brighton is back on familiar territory. I was rather dismissive about an earlier standalone novel Absolute Proof. I enjoyed Find Them Dead but it does not live up to others in the series. It seems to me…