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RdrStr appreciates that authors may not be experts in promoting their work. Promoting your content through posts, social media, links improves Google Search Engine ranks and generates sales! RdrStr offer the following opportunities to promote your work.

Promotional Activities

Here are brief detaiks with links to fuller details:

1) Independent Reviews: Send us an independent review of your latest work. More details here: Independent Reviews

2) Extracts: We welcome the opportunity to publish an extract from your book or poem with a link back to your site / social media or Amazon. More details here: Extracts

3) Special Offers / Discounts: If you are running a special offer on your site or discount on Amazon (or similar). Post to twitter the details with the following hashtag #RdrStrO (O for Offers!), and your tweet will be visible (after approx 3 hours)on RdrStr – here:

4) Advertising: Of course, RdrStr offer competitive advertising rates – for example, book cover plus review on our review section. More details here: Advertising on RdrStr

More Help for Authors

We have have range of services from designing book covers, websites through to promotions on social media. More details here: Services