The Shadow Box (by Luanne Rice)

Oh dear families! The strife seems to be exaggerated in rich families abetted by the quest for power. This novel set in Connecticut is full of twists and turns and the tension increases as the story develop. (January Preview copy via Amazon First Reads).

The Shadow Box (by Luanne Rice)Claire, a successful artist, is married to Griffin Chase. Griffin is standing as a candidate for governor. He and his powerful friends will do anything to win the election including murdering his wife!

There is an attempt on Claire’s life at the beginning of the novel but she manages to escape into the nearby woods. She finds a well-hidden cabin and hides away from her enemies. The problem is who are her enemies, and who can she trust? Griffin has the police in his pocket and his powerful friends will help find her too.

At the same time, a boat cruising just offshore is blown up. How many fatalities are not evident initially but the husband and one daughter are rescued quickly. However, the son is missing and the wife’s body is found.

Is there a connection between these two events? Of course, there is! As the novel develops the back story for Griffin and Claire is revealed, and the relationship breakdowns between the families are uncovered. The author weaves past events and the current murders well. This is a gripping story well told.

Will Claire survive the chase or will the investigator come to the rescue in time? You are left guessing as the finale concludes in a dramatic fashion.

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