Disaster Inc (by Caimh McDonnell)

Disaster Inc (by Caimh McDonnell)

Caimh McDonnell has a distinct writing style: off-beat humour mixed with crime thriller action. Perhaps a similar vein to Mick Herron who has a similar theme with his cranky spies at Slough House? Both authors have implausible plots but their writing is funny and intriguing.

My preference is for Caimh McDonnell! In Disaster Inc his Irish detective, Bunny has relocated to New York. For background on Bunny, you need to read the Dublin Trilogy. Bunny is supposedly dead and needs to keep a low profile. Of course, keeping a low profile is anathema to Bunny. From the off, he gets mixed up with a student, Amy who sidelines as an S&M performer to fund her studies. One of her clients is a lead broker, Matt at a Fund involved in illegal activities. Mrs Miller represents the Fund’s most important client. She is the front for retired FBI, CIA agents who manipulate events to the Fund’s advantage and markets.

Unfortunately, Mrs Miller believes Matt might have told Amy too much about the illegal Fund activities. Consequently, Amy needs to be eliminated. Bunny takes steps to help and the plot lurches from one disaster to another. Midgets, leprechauns and horses all add to the chaotic atmosphere.

There is plenty of action, comical episodes and a great script with many witty lines: “blonde perm with enough hairspray to ensure it would survive the apocalypse.”

Unbelievable? Yes, but extremely entertaining with the action and menace keeping the reader involved and amused with the quirky Irish humour.

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