Review Policy

The requests must include the title of the book, author name, genre, a summary of the book, and the length. We are willing to review the book, interview the author, or host a giveaway for the book. RdrStr will only give honest reviews. Currently, we have a large backlog of requests. As an alternative, check out our review and advert offer.

In terms of genre and age group:
-Reviewing literary fiction, legal/thriller/crime or biographies
-Reviewing adult age group books only

For review, format accepted:
– kindle format
– Finished copies (Paperback or hardcover) – location: UK.

Reviews will be posted on our choice of sites:
– Social Media (including Twitter and Facebook)
– Book Sites (Netgalley, GoodReads and Amazon)

If RdrStr are interested in your project, we will respond to your request in a timely manner.

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