Books of the Year 2020

These are our favourite reads from 2020

The Midnight Library (by Matt Haig)

EditorJul 17, 2021

The Midnight Library is a celebration of the imagination. Guaranteed to lift any thoughts of depression! A novel full of inspiration, warmth, philosophy and even quantum mechanics. Its breadth is amazing, awe-inspiring, and magical A story to reread when you are depressed or need a new direction. Yes, can you guess I liked it enormously? It’s message “Live Life”. What is the Midnight Library about? The book starts with Nora in a deep depression. The…

Agent Running in the Field (by John le Carré)

EditorSep 30, 2020

Nat is put out to pasture in a local London spy centre (The Haven – a complete misnomer) by his “friends” in Head Office much to his chagrin. Spies, like author John le Carré, refuse to grow old gracefully! This is John le Carré at the top of his game. Nat has many connections, friends and associates in the spy world; some are established and friendly who owe him! However, in London British HQ is…

The Thursday Murder Club (by Richard Osman)

EditorAug 13, 2020

This is the Richard Osman of Pointless (and other TV quizzes and Chat shows) so you can expect an off-beat novel! You will not be disappointed – there are plenty of pithy observations, and tangential quips which are off the wall in typical Osman style. His characters, primarily located at a top-end care complex, offer the full spectrum of behaviour and customs. His quirky humour is a constant delight throughout the story. Murder Club novels…

The Truants (by Kate Weinberg)

EditorJul 16, 2020

Lorna once asked: “What is it about an unsolved mystery that captures us so that makes us lean forward looking for an answer?” At the heart of this mystery is Agatha Christie. There are references to her and her novels throughout the story. I am not familiar with Agatha Christie novels! Does she have heroes and anti-heroes? Probably not. Lorna a charismatic “Prof” at a British University is the ant-hero, and Jess (the student) is…