You Let Me In (by Lucy Clarke)

I am on a genre roll! After reading The Other You and Behind Closed Doors, you can see I am enjoying Psychological Thrillers. So hot foot to “You Let Me In” available for free on MyTimes (subscribers only). I judge this as the best of the three books. A stylish gripping read with the inevitable twist at the end which I did not see coming.

So much so that you should take heed of the author’s snippet that begins Chapter 29 as below:

Endings are one of the greatest challenges for the author. But remember, the clues for the ending are always there, tucked with the pages of your earliest drafts. One must simply look for them.

You Let Me In (by Lucy Clarke)Elle is a successful debut author. She has rebuilt a fisherman’s cottage in Cornwall with her advance fee. She has relocated close to her sister. Unfortunately, her near neighbours are upset with the new build as it impinges on their sea view. Elle decides to take a break abroad from writing her second book. As cash is short due to the cost of the rebuild, she has decided to rent out the house on Airbnb.

On her return, Elle discovers that subtle changes have been made to her home. She becomes very wary of the home as she unravels more about the rental. She cannot make contact with Joanne (who rented the property). She begins to suspect that her neighbours or a book club friend may have “invaded her property” during the rental.

There are several flashbacks to her life at University and involvement with a lecturer. Her husband (soon to be ex) is also causing concern in her mind as he still has a key to the property.

Her deadline for the novel draft is imminent and she is having sleepless worrying about finishing the book. There are some interesting interludes that give a good insight into an author’s life and the constant promotion with social media. Pressure builds and Elle is frightened by events in and around her home. Who can she trust?

Does she complete her draft in time? Who did rent her home? Are the neighbours involved? Who is responsible for the events and changes in her home? Well, the denouement is left field for sure.

I did not see it coming or the final twist at the very end. So bear in mind: “But remember, the clues for the ending are always there, tucked with the pages of your earliest drafts.” So perhaps I will have to read the novel again. This is a cracking read!

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