The Other YOU (by J.S. Monroe)

The Other YOU (by J.S. Monroe)

I was really enamoured with the novel “Behind Closed Doors“, so I opted for another story by B.A. Paris called “The Breakdown”. I read about 100 pages before giving up. Definitely not a patch on Behind Closed Doors. The main character was racked with guilt and was obsessed with the fear of receiving telephone calls. Her husband got fed up with it and so did I!

Still, in the mood for a Psychological Thriller, I received an email about a novel featured in Prime Reads: “The Other You” written by J.S. Monroe. I had already read her book: Forget My Name. I liked the premise of this book so I plumped for The Other You.

Doppelgangers is the theme running through this story. If you think the idea is far-fetched then do not read this. It is an intriguing book with plenty of thrills and spills. Kate has a special skill called super-recogniser. She has the ability to pick out criminal faces from crowds. After a serious car accident, she has left the force, and moved in with Rob who she met at the hospital. Rob is super-rich and tech-savvy but he has an interesting history. He tells Kate that he has a doppelganger who is threatening his life. Another thread involves drugs and county lines investigated by Kate’s former CID boss. Before her accident, Kate has had a long relationship with Jake. The relationship has hit the buffers.

Kate starts to believe the doppelganger exists and finds herself wondering if is she living with Rob or the doppelganger. Rob’s business dealings and seemingly odd behaviour also are cause for concern. Kate has several attempts on her life, and the suspicions about the car accident are revisited. The various threads are brought together cleverly.

I enjoyed the tech, doppelganger science and super recogniser ability. The story rattles along with a good cast of characters. Towards the end the fantasy element became overpowering and the storyline seemed rushed. Kate is saved by a nurse who for no reason risks her life. The nurse has an implant that if switched on will lead to a fatal heart attack if activated by Kate’s captors. Why is she prepared to risk her life for Kate? She has 10 other “patients” that she could have saved! Like all good thrillers, there is a twist at the end although rather unbelievable.

So in summary an enjoyable read with many good elements but a disappointing end.


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