The Perfect Life (by Valerie Keogh)

The Perfect Life (by Valerie Keogh)

As you approach the end of a good book, you almost do not want it to end. You have a good feeling and are captivated by the story. In the same vein starting a new read can be disappointing as it does not live up to expectations of the previous novel. So after reading Wisdom Spring, I tried to get into two new titles: a preview copy of Bright Burning Things (by Lisa Harding) and The First Time Lauren Pauling Died. But unfortunately, after a few chapters, I gave up on both! So I was looking at Amazon Prime Reads for inspiration and came across The Perfect Life.

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It quickly grabbed me and became engrossed in the plot! It seems to be the perfect family. Molly and her husband have a beautiful house, successful careers and the children are away at famous universities. It starts to disintegrate when Molly takes a short weekend break with a girlfriend. A chance meeting with an attractive man on the canal develops into a catastrophe when he is found dead. The police suspect Molly is involved with his murder. Molly starts to worry about her girlfriend, colleagues at her husband’s employer and finally starts to doubt her husband. You begin to frame a suspect in your mind but the twists and turns lead you astray! Quite a complex plot but the author guides you cleverly in different directions. The classic page-turner with a surprising twist. Very enjoyable – almost Perfect!

Valerie Keogh Bio
She is a new author (to me) and became popular after self-publishing a few novels. Valerie Keogh worked in nursing before heading back to university to gain both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in literature. She soon earned a contract to write thrillers.

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