About RdrStr

RdrStr is the home to independent Book Reviews. RdrStr has been publishing reviews since to 2015 on a number platforms including NetGalley, Amazon and WordPress. We have progressed from a wordpress hosted blog to our own site hosted on fast Hostinger servers.

Last year (2021), U.S. publishers sold 825.7 million print books, up 8.9% over the previous year. In the UK, book sales continued to climb last year  with more than 212m print books sold – the highest figure of the last decade! On top of thise sales we have to add ebook sales which declined slightly: revenue for digital books in the United States declined by 4.7% over the previous year, and generated $1.1 billion.

Book Review Process

1000s of new books are published each year, and RdrStr can only review a small number. All our own reviews are rated from zero to 5 stars (or rosettes), and they represent our own views. Books are very personal so our reviews may differ from the consensus! Apologies to all authors – we try to be constructive!

Book Extracts / Posts

RdrStr does accept book extracts, and guest posts/reviews. As we have NOT peer reviewed these books (or extracts) we do not offer any star ratings (or rosettes). In this way our readers can readily identify our own independent reviews.

Preview Copies

As RdrStr is an established review site, we do get offered pre-publication books to review. Our preview reviews are listed separately.

Marketing RdrStr

RdrStr actively promotes our reviews on Twitter and Facebook, Netgalley and other social media sites, blogs and other websites. 

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