V2 (by Robert Harris)

Robert Harris is a popular author and his books have been entertaining intertwined with historical facts. His last book “The Second Sleep” was more futuristic and I did not enjoy it. V2 is back on familiar territory (Enigma) combining historical fact with a gripping page-turner. Is it as good as Fatherland, Archangel, the Cicero trilogy…

Altar of Resistance (by Samuel Marquis)

A wartime historical novel set in Italy and the Vatican city. Set in World War II, the novel cleverly mixes fact with fiction. The research is excellent and the wartime raids and strategies are described in detail. There are many heroes and villains. These wartime exploits convey the true horror of war and the nature of the Nazi war crimes. The Pope’s role is an interesting theme in this novel.

Triple Cross (by Tom Bradby)

Triple Cross is the thrilling finale to Tom Bradby’s Secret Service trilogy. There is a mole at senior level in the UK spy service. The PM is facing a no confidence vote, and Kate undertakes a dangerous mission in Moscow to save his skin!

You Let Me In (by Lucy Clarke)

A stylish gripping read with the inevitable twist at the end which I did not see coming. Clever plot, revealing flashbacks and suspect friends and neighbours. Just who is looking for revenge?

The Fine Art of Invisible Detection (by Robert Goddard)

It is very satisfying to rediscover an author. It is like greeting an old friend. I have read many of Goddard’s early books and thoroughly enjoyed reading them so I looked forward to the latest story. Has he matured like a good wine? Certainly, he has moved with the times and one of his themes…

TALL TALES and wee stories (by Billy Connolly)

Billy Connolly has been entertaining us for over 50 years with his unique brand of humour. His irreverent humour has often offended the virtuous but to most, he has been a f****** marvellous entertainer! As well as his standup comedy shows, he has beguiled us with his TV travelogues. Now he has turned his hand…