The Cracked Mirror (by Chris Brookmyre)

Chris Brookmyre’s *The Cracked Mirror* is an enthralling crime novel that intertwines intricate plotting, layered characters, and sharp social commentary. Known for his distinctive blend of dark humor and suspense, Brookmyre once again delivers a compelling narrative. There are comparisons with Richard Osman’s *Thursday Murder Club*, and Michael Connelly’s *Bosch* series. The novel opens with…

Dead Ground (by Graham Hurley)

Preview copy from Netgalley. Published on 8th Oct 2024 I look forward to reviewing books by Graham Hurley. The latest is Dead Ground set primarily in Franco’s Spain. “Dead Ground” is a thrilling addition to the Spoils of War Collection. Dead Ground” is a historical thriller set against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War…

The Blood of Others (by Graham Hurley)

Graham Hurley’s latest thriller, “The Blood of Others,” is a gripping and suspenseful novel set in Northern France during World War II. The novel is part of the “Spoils of War” collection and is a thrilling blend of fact and fiction (see review of previous book in series). The story follows ordinary people who are…

Outback (by Patricia Wolf)

DS Lucas Walker is currently on leave from the organised crime unit of the Australian police force to take care of his ailing grandmother in his hometown, Caloodie. However, when two young German backpackers disappear from the area on their way to a nearby ranch, Walker finds himself taking an unofficial interest in the case….

The Forgetting (by Hannah Beckerman)

Amazon First Reads: Publish Date: April 2023 An intriguing, gripping tale of coercive control, and the social impact of such behaviour on families. OK, does not sound that original but believe me, this is not a standard relationship story. It is a refreshingly different read! The Forgetting” is a domestic drama dealing with controlling and…

The Fall (by Gilly Macmillan)

Preview copy from Netgalley – Release date: 25 May 2023 Would you ever consider murder? Are there circumstances that could trigger thoughts of murder? But could you actually do the deed? This suspense thriller embraces this conundrum and the outcomes do not surprise! This is the proverbial page-turner with so many twists on the way….

I Will Find You (by Harlan Coben)

Do you have go to Authors? For example, if you are looking for a legal thriller then you might choose a John Grisham novel, or looking for Crime Detective genre with Michael Connelly (Bosch series). Maybe you feel like a Social Commentary blast and opt for Zadie Smith or an investigation into a historic character…

My Father’s House (by Joseph O’Connor)

The novel vividly describes an Irish priest, Hugh O’Flaherty located in Vatican City who selflessly helps people escape the Nazis. SS officer Paul Hauptmann is in charge of the Nazis in Rome.

Pesos: The Rise and Fall of a Border Family (by Pietro La Greca Jr.)

Regrettably, not all Amazon First Reads are worthwhile reads – but this memoir does not disappoint. Pesos: The Rise and Fall of a Border Family is a true story about a “Don Corleone” style Mexican family. It is set in the 1980s, and the corruption and violence are systemic in the area bordering the US….

The Other Guest (by Heidi Perks)

The Other Guest is a sublime mystery set on a sun-soaked luxury resort Greek island. Is it the perfect read to take on holiday? You might be looking over your shoulder at your fellow guests!