The Other Guest (by Heidi Perks)


Review copy from Netgalley (Publishing date: 19/01/2023)

The Other Guest (by Heidi Perks)The Other Guest is a sublime mystery set on a sun-soaked luxury Greek island resort. Is it the perfect read to take on holiday? Warning: You might be looking over your shoulder at your fellow guests!

Although it follows the well-worn formula of revealing clues and twists as you progress through the novel, the ending is smart and satisfying. The action centres around two families Laila and her husband, and Em’s family (two boys and a second husband). There is tension in both families for different reasons. Other characters are introduced with issues too. It is a wonder that World War III does not break out as the atmosphere is toxic. The victim, Em’s eldest son, is found floating in the pool one morning.  Suicide is ruled out quickly and the murder investigation is led by a Greek detective who needs help. He obviously needs to watch some crime tv series or films.

The spotlight moves from one character to another as the investigation unfolds. Character back-stories are introduced which point the finger at various members of the cast (yes, surely a film soon).

Perks keeps you guessing throughout the book, and the ending is satisfying and different. My only frustration is the relationship between Em and her son Theo. His crucial account is drawn-out over chapters and becomes quite annoying as Em seems afraid to press him for a full account. Otherwise, the characters are well drawn and believable.

If you like holiday mystery thrillers – The Other Guest should be on your reading list!

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