Upon the Arrival of Dawn (by Joseph A. Schiller)

Upon the Arrival of Dawn (by Joseph A. Schiller)Synopsis/Summary of Upon the Arrival of Dawn

A darkness grows, threatening the delicate fabric of the Universe. An ominous cloud spreads, bringing an increasing imbalance across the Cosmos. Essences bent on wickedness and ultimate destruction are violently stripping the Energy of Life from innocent terrestrial creatures, bringing Existence to the very brink of collapse. Only one Celestial essence boldly accepts the calling to seek out the source of the encroaching evil and restore Harmony once again to Existence. Azrael, humble servant of Eternity, offspring of Existence, will stop at nothing to protect the Universe, mortal and immortal alike.

Extract from Upon the Arrival of Dawn

The air is unseasonably warm and heavy despite a slight breeze moving in steadily from the northeast. The only recognizable sound of life is that of a small, solitary bird, hopping in quick bursts from branch to branch within a tall mature birch tree, occasionally chirping as it jumps about. As if in impatient anticipation, the bird periodically jerks a glance off toward the horizon in the east, expectant of something.

This humble and simple manifestation of Creation is, and will always remain, completely unaware of the tragic circumstances that befell Existence, threatening its very reality. Its existence will be one of ignorance, but ultimately peaceful in that ignorance.

Suddenly the bird’s attention is captured, though it remains focused eastward, showing no discernible signs of adjusting its gaze, with the exception occasionally of a random sideways cock of the neck. Slowly, ever so slowly, a change had begun at the horizon line, a change for which the bird was clearly waiting. The faintest rays of luminescence were gradually appearing. The initial signs of the newly rising sun will remain nothing more than a dull burnt-orange glow for some time before the brilliance of the corona will shyly peek out from behind the horizon. Continuing to stare toward the breaking daylight, the bird remained still, blissfully so, as if instinctively feeding directly from the increasingly powerful waves of light.

Existence was, is, and will ever be. Creation was, is, and will ever be. The cycle of life forever continues upon the arrival of dawn, of Light

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