The Forgetting (by Hannah Beckerman)

Amazon First Reads: Publish Date: April 2023

An intriguing, gripping tale of coercive control, and the social impact of such behaviour on families. OK, does not sound that original but believe me, this is not a standard relationship story. It is a refreshingly different read!

The Forgetting” is a domestic drama dealing with controlling and coercive behavior. The novel alternates between the stories of two central characters: Anna, in London, who has awoken from a car accident with no memory of her life before the crash, and first-time mother Livvy, in Bristol, who is looking to juggle the balance of childcare and a return to work. Both male partners are charmers but control their partner’s lives.

Initially, the two tales seem to be unrelated but in the latter half of the book, the essence of disparate tales begins to overlap. Certainly, the thriller element is only apparent toward the end of the novel but that does not detract from the story. Something is strange about both relationships, and it is obvious something is amiss and you are compelled to read on.  You will keep developing theories but will not guess the final twist!

Good characters, easy to read (although there are some grammatical errors), and a climax you will not forget.

If you have not met Hannah before, here is her bio: Hannah Beckerman is a multi-talented individual, known for her work as an author, journalist, and broadcaster. With a wealth of experience in the literary world, she is a respected book critic and features writer, having contributed to several esteemed publications such as the Observer, the Guardian, and the FT Weekend Magazine. She is also a regular fixture at literary festivals and events throughout the UK, where she has chaired discussions and conducted interviews with numerous notable authors and public figures. As a book pundit, she has appeared on BBC Radio 2 and Times Radio, lending her insightful commentary and opinions on the latest literary offerings. Prior to embarking on her writing career, Hannah worked in television as a producer and commissioning editor, honing her skills in storytelling and content creation. Her latest offering, “The Forgetting,” marks her fourth novel, adding to her impressive repertoire of published works.

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