The Fall (by Gilly Macmillan)


the fall by gilly macmillanPreview copy from Netgalley – Release date: 25 May 2023

Would you ever consider murder? Are there circumstances that could trigger thoughts of murder? But could you actually do the deed? This suspense thriller embraces this conundrum and the outcomes do not surprise!

This is the proverbial page-turner with so many twists on the way. At the start, Tom and Nicole have just won big on the lottery. They have moved from a suburban estate house to an architect-designed (a la Grand Design) property overlooking the Wye.  In mysterious circumstances, Tom is found dead in their swimming pool. Nicole is devastated at the loss. She has been very happily married and is finding it difficult to overcome her grief. Enter the neighbours who live in the grand Manor House. Sasha and Olly and the housekeeper Kitty are very supportive initially.

However, Sasha and Olly are very manipulative and coercive. We soon realise that they have designs on Nicole’s property. Kitty seems to have a mysterious past too. The detectives are on the case. Some of the evidence/clues are pointing in numerous directions and they are soon bogged down in a complex case. Nothing is as it seems in The Fall and some of the evidence falls away as there are innocent explanations.

We soon learn that Sasha and Olly have coerced the original owner, Anna, of the Manor House to move to the Coach House and become their housekeeper. In the process, she assumes the name of Kitty. But what has happened to the real Kitty? Murder?

Nicole and Anna (now Kitty) begin to fight back against Olly and Sasha. Who will murder who? Will the detectives solve the case before more murders?

The number of twists will keep you guessing right to the last page. Who will you be rooting for at the end of the story? Would you have committed murder?  This is a great read with a moral maze to contemplate.

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