Tips for Living (by Renée Shafransky)

Tips for Living
by Renée Shafransky
Published Feb 2018

Nora has escaped from New York City to small-town Pequod after her now ex-husband’s (Hugh) affair resulting in pregnancy! She has started re-building her life as a journalist on the local rag until her life is shattered by Hugh’s purchase of a property in the town. One night Hugh and his wife are shot dead in their bed. Nora becomes the number one suspect.

Tips for Living (by Renée Shafransky)This is Renée Shafransky’s first book and it is quite an appealing debut. Her characters are both likeable and believable. The suspense builds as various suspects are discounted and Nora becomes the prime suspect. You are kept guessing until the final denouement!

The characters are rich, and the small town is well drawn. The Romance and suspense make this a thoroughly enjoyable read!



More about Renée Shafransky

Renée Shafransky is a writer and psychotherapist. She has written screenplays for major motion picture studios and teleplays for HBO and PBS.

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