The Last Lie (by Alex Lake)

This is the latest psychological thriller by Sunday Times best-selling author Alex Lake. He is the best selling author of AFTER ANNAKILLING KATE AND COPYCAT.

The Last Lie (by Alex Lake)Claire Daniels comes with a healthy pedigree of rich parents. The mother has died but her father will do anything for Claire. Her life is good – friends, career, lovely home, property in France but she is desperate for a baby to make her family complete.

Her “doting” husband, Alfie, hates Claire but of course, he loves the money but he has plans! He dates other women online using a Nom de Guerre. His relationships with other women provide an outlet for his desires. Unfortunately, one of his mistresses finds out his real identity and threatens to reveal his game to his wife. Alfie murders the mistress and discovers he has a taste for murder. His wife is next on the list. Up to this point the tension has been building nicely.

Somebody discovers his plans for his wife’s demise, and they decide to take revenge. At this point, the book disappoints. It is pretty obvious who this is! Towards the end of the book, the “evidence” is revealed. With all this evidence why not just go to the police? It is just not believable that this character would pursue the revenge angle.

It is an easy read. The premise is interesting but as the identity of the revenge perpetrator was obvious I was expecting a final twist but no!

About Author

Alex Lake is the pseudonym of a British novelist whose first book was one of Amazon UK’s top ten debuts of 2012. Alex was born in the North West of England in the 1970s and now lives in the North East of the US.

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