OFF GRID – A TRUE STORY (by Magnus Leijon)

OFF GRID – A TRUE STORY (by Magnus Leijon)

Interesting idea and concept! Here is the background: A Psychopathic drama turned into a hybrid Audio Book concept! In 2014, I moved deep within the unspoiled rainforests of Belize with my wife and 2 girls (then 3 & 6 years old), after giving up our solid jobs in Sweden. What we didn’t know was that we had moved in next to a psychopath, who had killed before. The experience turned into a book, first published in Sweden, then translated and published in English (OFF GRID – A TRUE STORY) and later rewritten as a movie script (winner of the Thriller Suspense Festival November 2020). In order to best recreate the experience emotionally, an Audio Theater Book was created and produced (Duration: 3 hours & 24 minutes).

TRAILER SAMPLE (Hummingbird Lodge):

Storyline: OFF GRID

Off Grid tells the true story of a young Swedish-American family who move to manage a tourist lodge deep within the rainforest. Initially, they seem to have found paradise on earth, but little by little, they find themselves pulled into a psychological game, unveiling the ultimate stake; life itself!


“An audio theatre book uses voice actors, sound effects and music to mediate characters’ emotional status, transitions, as well as being part of telling the story itself (via lyrics). OFF GRID has twenty custom written original songs and is divided into four levels of suspense; PART1 through PART4 (with 5 chapters in each PART). It also uses the real family’s voices for the main characters to make it as real as possible.”


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