Billy Plays Pirate (by Steve Williamson)

Billy Plays Pirate (by Steve Williamson)Billy Plays Pirate is a stand-alone story in the Billy Shawn Series, featuring the five-year-old William Shawn, a boy very much curious about everything that happens in the world around him. As he loves adventures, Billy will not back off from exploring new things.

The story begins when Billy’s nephew gives him a book about pirates. Upon leafing through the book, Billy’s interest in pirates sparks, but he doesn’t know how to become a pirate himself. His nephew tells him to use his strongest asset: his imagination! No sooner than he finishes his breakfast, Billy has already created a great adventure in his mind and he heads out to the playground with his mother.

Because Billy has a rich imagination, dismisses his mother’s suggestion of making paper boats. Instead, he asks his friends to play treasure hunt, digging a necklace he had taken from his mother’s room. However, Sam wants to play a prank on Billy and without anyone seeing him, he digs up the necklace and takes it away.

How would Billy react the next morning when he’ll find out that the necklace is gone? How would he come clean to his mother, considering she wasn’t aware that he had taken the necklace in the first place? What will Sam do with the necklace? Will he keep it or return it to Billy?

There’s a lesson to be learnt from every book and Billy Plays Pirate is no exception. The story is short and full of emotions and it will be appreciated by children and parents alike.

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