Missing Pieces (by Laura Pearson)

Missing Pieces  
Laura Pearson
Published June 2018

What a superb debut from Laura Pearson – she is going to be an author to look out for. Her tragic story about a family who tries to cope with two deaths is sad but poignant and uplifting.

Missing Pieces (by Laura Pearson)Phoebe dies at an early age in the family home. The circumstances are not clear at the beginning but revealed as the story progresses. Each family member feels at fault, and struggle to accept Phoebe’s death. Linda (mum) is devastated but also pregnant with Bea. Tom (the husband) and eldest child Esme feel the pain and battle to help Mum. Overcome by guilt Mum commits suicide.

Although the book is sad there are many life-affirming moments as Tom, Esme and Bea grow older. The roller-coaster of emotions is quite dramatic. There are new relationships, and the circumstances of Phoebe’s death are gradually revealed and the influence it has had on each member of the family.

Looking forward to Laura’s next novel!



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