Forget my Name (by J.S. Monroe)

The premise of this book is intriguing, and the first few chapters draw you in but then …. the plot becomes rather disappointingly improbable. Shame as the idea of a visitor turning up your house with knowledge of your house, but is suffering from amnesia and does not know who she is, sounds like an encouraging plot.

Forget my Name (by J.S. Monroe)The visitor is invited in and the drama starts to unravel. Initially, the wife is friendly and welcoming. By the following morning, the wife is worried about their visitor but the husband is far more supportive. Why?

Events quickly unfold, and we learn that a previous occupant of the house, Jemma – a lady who looks similar to the unwelcome visitor – was a murderer. 

The story centres on dementia (Alzheimer’s) and chemically induced amnesia. One of the main protagonists in this story is also suffering from early-onset amnesia, and that becomes a key factor in the mistaken identity.  Beginning to sound improbable??

There are too many unlikely coincidences – for example, the real Jemma (now released from mental hospital) turns up at a critical moment and is shot by police. 

I found the story implausible but despite the shortcomings in the plot, I did read the whole book. There are some interesting facts, and medical revelations that main interest. Disappointing after such an intriguing start!

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