Absolute Proof (by Peter James)

Absolute Proof (by Peter James)

I am a fan of the Inspector Grace novels set in Brighton and eagerly await each new novel. Peter is quite prolific and often writes stand-alone novels – unfortunately, I find these variable in quality. I recently read Dan Brown’s Origin, and thoroughly enjoyed his tale which tackles “Where do we come from” and “Where are we going?”. Anyhow, I was looking forward to seeing how Peter approaches his religious theme examining the Absolute Proof of Jesus’s existence. It has been reviewed as “The Richard and Judy Book Club Summer Blockbuster of 2019”.

It starts encouragingly enough with a strong opening gambit: Investigative reporter Ross Hunter nearly didn’t answer the phone call that would change his life – and possibly the world – for ever. `I’d just like to assure you I’m not a nutcase, Mr Hunter. My name is Dr Harry F. Cook. I know this is going to sound strange, but I’ve recently been given absolute proof of God’s existence – and I’ve been advised there is a writer, a respected journalist called Ross Hunter, who could help me to get taken seriously.’ At the heart of Absolute Proof, the false faith of a billionaire evangelist, the life’s work of a famous atheist, and the credibility of each of the world’s major religions are all under threat. 

So it sounds exciting and there are some interesting religious facts and theories(?). However, I found the book too long and in need of some serious editing. There is plenty of action to pad out the storyline but this pales in comparison to Dan Brown’s book on a similar theme. Sorry Peter but still looking forward to the next Grace novel!

About the Author

Amazon introduction: Peter James is a UK number one bestselling author, best known for writing crime and thriller novels, and the creator of the much-loved Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. Globally, his books have been translated into thirty-seven languages. Synonymous with plot-twisting page-turners, Peter has garnered an army of loyal fans throughout his storytelling career – which also included stints writing for TV and producing films. He has won over forty awards for his work, including the WHSmith Best Crime Author of All Time Award, Crime Writers’ Association Diamond Dagger and a BAFTA nomination for The Merchant of Venice starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons for which he was an Executive Producer. Many of Peter’s novels have been adapted for film, TV and stage.

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