The Six (by Anni Taylor)

The Six (by Anni Taylor)

A dark and menacing psychological thriller but you need to suspend belief! What would you do to tackle a huge gambling debt? If somebody offered to pay your debt (and some!), how suspicious would you be? Well, the premise of this yarn is just that. The main character Evie is stunned when she’s offered a lifeline: A programme that includes a six-day stay in a Greek monastery, six challenges and a chance at sixty thousand dollars. Apart from getting there, there is no cost. Yes, suspend your belief!

Her husband, Gray is devastated when she finds Evie missing with no clue of her whereabouts. Even worse, when Evie’s burnt out car is found and the police believe she has been murdered, Gray becomes the no1 suspect.

Back on the island in the monastery, Evie is beginning to have her doubts as the challenges progress and participants are eliminated from the contest. The evil intentions of the “monks” become clear but is there any escape from the remote island? Will Gray and other family members rescue Evie and her fellow competitors?

There are multiple narrators. Three regular ones plus an occasional fourth was too much, especially as each viewpoint was told in the first person. As the characters were not well drawn, they all sounded the same.

The ending is rather predictable and lame. Unfortunately, the unlikely scenario at the beginning of the story coloured my impression of The Six storyline. I finished the book so perhaps not all bad!

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More about Anni Taylor

Anni Taylor lives on The Central Coast, north of Sydney, Australia, with her partner and four boys. Her thriller novels include The Game You Played, The Six, Stranger in the Woods, Poison Orchids and One Last Child. Previously, she was a Features’ Writer and Community Manager for Fairfax Media, Australia


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