The Counterfeit Candidate (by Brian Klein)

This debut novel published in July 2021 has over 1500 five star reviews, and as the renowned author Peter James says “The best ‘what if?’ thriller I’ve read since Day of the Jackal”. The Counterfeit Candidate has been meticulously researched and the background information gives the book much credibility. Brian Klein is a natural storyteller too!

What is the storyline in The Counterfeit Candidate?

The premise of the book hinges around the fact that the deaths of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and Boorman were faked, and they escaped to Argentina. Of course, Stalin always claimed that Hitler did not commit suicide and escaped to Argentine so the “what if” maybe plausible! Many Nazis did indeed escape to the Argentine although some were later arrested and charged. How many more got away?

The Counterfeit Candidate (by Brian Klein)

The novel switches to the 2012 time period with a presidential election in the US. Senator John Franklin (the Counterfeit Candidate) is standing for election. We soon learn that Franklin is the grandson of Adolf Hitler. In the intervening years, Franklin’s father has been instrumental in building an international Pharmaceutical company that has expanded into the States. With his Nazi contacts, influence and untold wealth, he has manipulated John Franklin into the Presidential lead!

What can stop the Nazis from running the West’s most powerful nation? In Argentina, there has been an audacious bank heist in Buenos Aire with over 100 million dollars of cash, gold and jewels. However, one bank box contains items and documents that will destroy Franklin’s candidacy. The three robbers split their haul, and head in different directions unaware of the explosive contents in one of the boxes. Franklin’s father is going to retrieve the box by any means possible! The hunt begins and Nazi conspirators soon start following the trail left behind by the bank robbers with horrific results.

Riding to the rescue is Chief Inspector Nicolas Vargas. He is also finding clues and zeroing in on the bank robbers too. He enlists the help of a colleague in the States. Together they are a formidable team, and it is a race to the vital bank box.

This is an unforgettable story, well-told and full of interesting facts. Yes, pure escapism, part crime novel, part Historical fiction, it’s addictive stuff and is skillfully crafted. Of course, we know this could not possibly be true! Who was the last Aryan looking chump that was president! There are many conspiracy books (and films) but this ranks as one of the best.

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More about Brian Klein
He is an award-winning Television Director, with over twenty-five years’ experience in the industry. His work regularly appears on Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC and Sky. Amongst his directing credits are twenty-five seasons of the iconic car show, TOP GEAR and five seasons of A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN ROADTRIP, Sky One’s highest rating entertainment show. He has also directed two feature-length films for BBC Worldwide and five entertainment specials for Netflix. THE COUNTERFEIT CANDIDATE is his debut novel.

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