Hitler’s Secret (by Rory Clements)

Hitler’s Secret (by Rory Clements)I do love a good “what-if” novel, and Hitler’s Secret is a prime example! What if Hitler had a secret lover who was murdered by Martin Bormann? Bormann was Hitler’s right-hand man with considerable influence. Hitler was supposedly madly in love with Geli Raubal. Yet, in a fit of madness, Bormann murders Geli. He covers it up so that it looks like suicide. Hitler seems to accept Bormann’s story. Of course, Bormann is terrified the truth will surface and that Hitler’s revenge will be swift. Geli has a daughter before her death. The birth is a great secret to all except close family. Could the child be Hitler’s?

So begins a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Somehow, the birth of a daughter is revealed to Bormann and he needs to find and eliminate her with all personal connections. If the US / UK governments can reveal Hitler’s true sexual nature to the German public perhaps opinion will turn against him! So “spies” conjure up a plan to rescue Geli’s daughter and bring her back to the UK. Various characters are introduced as the chase across Germany unfolds. You are never quite sure who is their real master!

The period is well-evoked, and the Nazi terror tactics are always close to the surface. Bormann has his own team chasing after the daughter too and he is happy to employ extreme methods.

Of course, nothing is as it seems. Has the Reich’s in-fighting led to Bormann receiving details of the daughter’s location?  Has he been set up? On the other side of the channel, one of the spies has his own reasons for wanting the daughter captured. So as well as the many action scenes, there is plenty of intrigue mixed with the historical facts. In all, an intriguing action spy thriller set in World War II. Enjoy.

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