Equal Justice (by Chad Zunker)

Equal Justice (by Chad Zunker)What makes a good holiday read? Do you agree that holiday reads (beach/summer reads) are arguably the most important books of the year? Our leisure is limited enough already so the books we read during the period earmarked specifically for it need to be carefully selected. Do you take printed books or your kindle? If the weather is good, the light is going to be very bright so reading a book on a laptop, tablet or mobile is a no-no. So then do you take books by your favourite author, chart-topping new books or recommendations from a friend? In my case, it was pure chance! So I just happened to be reading a new author (to me) Chad Zunker. Why? I forget – as getting ready for a holiday is a blur but probably advertised as an Amazon First Read.

Family Money

Well, it happened to be Family Money. It is easy reading and not particularly challenging but nevertheless entertaining. Briefly, Alex Mahan and his wife, their two young daughters and his In-laws are on holiday in Mexico. Father-in-law Joe is abducted by kidnappers. Worse is to come when the family are told that Joe has been found murdered. Back home Alex investigates and soon discovers family secrets may destroy their lives. Chad has an easy writing style, and events move along at a good pace. Plenty of thrills and spills to keep the pages turning.

Published March 2022.

Equal Justice

After reading Family Money, I was scrolling through Zunker’s other novels and found Equal Justice (part of a series on books featuring David Adams). He is a rookie lawyer in a top law firm. Although there were shades of John Grisham, my interest was piqued. In essence, the storyline is …

After a late-night (of many spent at the firm), David witnesses a homeless man being assaulted. When the man, Benny, refuses a trip to the hospital, David brings him to his own apartment. With that gesture, a very unlikely but important relationship is forged. David soon learns there is more to Benny’s story than meets the eye. And their connection leads to a chain reaction of events, leaving David to question the partners of his law firm—and his purpose in life.

In this book, Zunker has a natural storytelling style – much improved on Family Money –  and as you are drawn in by the unfolding events you are rooting for David. The social justice angle is quite inspiring (as it is based on true events) as he navigates his conscience and career prospects. The writing kept a good pace. Great entertainment for a holiday read. Will he be challenging John Grisham or Scott Turow? Who knows but the signs are looking good.

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More about Chad Zunker

CHAD ZUNKER is the author of the David Adams legal thriller, An Equal Justice, as well as The Tracker, Shadow Shepherd, and Hunt the Lion in his Sam Callahan series. Chad has worked for some of the country’s most powerful law firms and serves at Community First! Discover more on his website.

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