Yesterday’s Spy (by Tom Bradby)

These are turbulent times. Prime Minister Mossadegh is clinging to power. Churchill wants Iran’s oil and has imposed an embargo on Iran. The Americans via the CIA are trying to manipulate the Shah back into power to keep out the Communists. Political intrigue, spies, and family vs country issues!

Triple Cross (by Tom Bradby)

Triple Cross is the thrilling finale to Tom Bradby’s Secret Service trilogy. There is a mole at senior level in the UK spy service. The PM is facing a no confidence vote, and Kate undertakes a dangerous mission in Moscow to save his skin!

Double Agent (by Tom Bradby)

How to publish a successful novel? Choose a celebrity – tick. Choose a popular theme: spy thriller with a mole – tick. What can go wrong? Tom Bradby is a successful newscaster, journalist, author and generally nice guy. He has intimate knowledge of politicians and royalty so the intrigue, immoral behaviour and scandals described in…